A Blue Knight

For our conflict is not with flesh and blood (only), and with those in authority (only), but with with powers, and principalities, the possessors of this dark world, and with the evil spirits who are under heaven.

Ephasians 6:12

A Blue Knight is an anonymous man (for now at least) who holds truth uppermost, wherever it may lead, and however unexpected the results of it. I was in the past an Atheist, a Zen-Agnostic (and therefore somewhat of a default Shintoist, with experiences that convinced me reincarnation has a basis in fact), and a simple Agnostic.  

More recently, a sudden and unexpected revelation has changed, reawakened and reminded me of the truth that underlying all creation exists an all loving power — what most people refer to as God.

In this awakening, it became clear that the Christian Mythos, when understood, had the most comprehensively clear explanation for events as we find them on Earth today. While for most of my life the Christian Church, and its various branches and believers, mostly seemed like the idiot rantings of retarded zealots, I was forced to face the at first sudden realisation –later confirmed by patient and objective observation– that the Christian Mythos is actually descriptive of reality as we find it. 

The aim of this blog are partly to share what I have discovered, although this process is naturally somewhat pointless, as no man’s heart is changed by mere words or intellectual exercises, but rather by reality impinging on his delusions, or, as some call it, revelation. There is a vast difference in knowing something at an intellectual level and knowing something as a result of having experienced it on your whole body, life and existence. And then having this experience enough times that you are now able to make accurate predictions based on your observations.

For faith is nothing and of no use unless it is able to predict, describe and help you deal with reality. True understanding is practical as well as comforting. So while I aim to share what I know, I will, more likely, try to share useful skills and approaches, because experience trumps theory.

There are several baseline axioms (or premises if you prefer to remain skeptical) to my view. Please do not assume I am your garden variety Bible Thumper, for I am not.

While some of my views may make you think I am one of the very retarded zealots I used to think of as retarded zealots, others would make that retarded zealot’s head explode like an IED.

I list below 12 baseline principles and then a 13th being an example of how to interpret a passage of the Bible.

1. This world belongs to the Prince of Lies, as is written in the New Testament and elsewhere. Which explains why we are corrupt (though feeling guilty about it is pointless) and this world is such a mess. As to why would God “allow” a Prince of Lies? Love cannot be forced on anyone. It has to be chosen freely. And the absence of Love, invariably results in evil, sadness, pain, loss and suffering.

2. The Bible is not necessarily infallible. Many passages (more-so in the Old Testament) are so metaphorical and written so as to speak more clearly to those who already have a baseline of understanding through experience about the existence of a love-world, (or if you prefer, God), that it is almost impossible for the modern man to read them and understand much of anything.

2.a) An example that has been my own experience with the regard of an OT story, is the story of Lot and his wife turning to a pillar of salt for looking back. At first this seems like a strange and crazy story. In some cases you may interpret it as angels, and in others as advanced aliens raining asteroids down on a rebelling population of lower tech humanoids, and that may well be a true insight too, but in metaphor, the turning of Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt has a much deeper meaning. Do not waste time looking back (more specifically, remaining emotionally tied to a ruined past) as only ruination can be brought about by this. It can only bring tears. Enough of them that you might as well be turned into a pillar of salt. Move forward with loving faith, always. Life is constant change. Adapt and have faith and the constance of love will remain with you.

3. God IS Love. And Love permeates everything in creation.

4. Reincarnation IS compatible with Christianity.

5. All human priests and all human interpreters of Holy things are fallible and therefore will fail at interpreting the truth. That includes me. So take all you can from me, and then improve upon it as you can. Always knowing, you too, are fallible and invariably cannot preach the truth flawlessly. You can only try to do your best and do so honestly. No man can do more and God asks no more than this of us.

6. There are means and ways and truths that  can help us prepare, defend and actively counter the assaults of the powers and principalities of this world.

7. There are ACTIVE, evil and powerful entities that do affect reality. They are mostly unseen and unbelieved by most thanks to our secular upbringing and weak observation of reality. While a lot of the human dogma of the Christian Church (in all its various denominations) is just that, human failings appended to the simple, clear and loving truth, there is still an underlying basis of absolute truth. To separate the truth from the humanoid corrupted versions is a lifelong task I think. Do your best.

8. It is our duty, as soon as we become aware of the truth, to fight evil and darkness wherever we find it and as best we can. Honour, truth, justice, loyalty and love are not just words. They are our weapons against fear, lies, evil and darkness.

9. In a sense it can be said only two emotions exist: Fear and Love. Anything tinged with and originating from Fear is of the enemy and leads back to him. Anything originating from Love is of truth and God.

10. Wait but what about… I hear you, brother or sister in suffering. I hear you. And that is why this blog exists. But the other points above remain true despite your objections. Also, please understand that:

10.a) A loving God necessarily implies Justice. And at the edges, Justice is black and white. Darkness and Light. There is no “grey areas”. So though tempered with mercy, compassion, love and a wish to have peace, do not for a moment think that there is no space for God’s Warriors to fight evil. There is. And no, I am not using some dogmatic drivel to be supportive of the armed services, or cops, or whatever. There is only one truth, it is the same for all of us and a man is either acting as best he can in accordance with his understanding of a loving God or he is not. Those who are, or are trying to, can make terrible mistakes and an honest man accepts responsibility for his mistakes. Those who are not, or who are actively working for the aims of the enemy, are subject to the principles of Justice. As such, they can be cut down when they need to be, without guilt or remorse. This despite the fact that killing, is not the way of God. Just like being crucified was not the purpose of Jesus. He was to spread love and joy and freedom to the Earth. But due to free will, the agents of the enemy, and the corrupt humans, they crucified him instead. Yet, even of this horrible event, God managed to make of it something that became a symbol, a path and a way for all humanity to hear and be swayed by.

11. The book Messages from Michael describes seven different types of souls. I believe this book has actually got at least some chance of being correct, as in some 20 years I have not been able to falsify any of its concepts and instead, have found many quite useful in being able to understand other people around me.

11.a) Most souls (some 80%) are what are called Slaves, or Serfs. These are those who try to serve and love and give love to their loved ones. Each soul is unique and does this in their own unique way. The rest are a mixture of some 6 remaining types.

11.b) Priests are the exalted version of Slaves and they are those who inspire, drive and give reasons to people, including to Warriors.

11.c) Warriors are those who conquer, explore and if they become evolved enough, take the fight to the enemy consciously. Their reincarnations can include many periods of war, strife, killing and being killed, separation from God and murder. If they awaken, they will tend to be exemplars of fighting men, be it in actual war or other endeavours. Honour, loyalty, courage and an inflexible commitment to truth and Justice tend to be their main attributes.

11.d) Kings are the exalted version of Warriors and the least numerous in number.

11.e) Artisans try to create the perfect thing and their exalted form Sages try to find it, while spinning some great (and often only partly true) stories about it.

11. f) Finally Scholars tend to be the chroniclers of life and do not have a pair to be exalted from or to.

12. Political Correctness, or to use it’s proper name, Cultural Marxism, is Evil. It is evil and I believe promoted by the forces of darkness, who use conscious and unconscious minions at all levels, be it via conscious evil, or ignorant belief in a utopia that is in reality a nightmare.

In any case, it is the attempt to robotise, mechanise, enslave and quash any dissent, any freedom, any individualism, creativity and joy. All the movements related to it, be they:

  • Feminism
  • The idiotic concepts of gender being a “social construct”
  • The corruption of the truth of equality before God with the false concept of there being any such thing as equality in physical, mental and emotional reality between humans here on Earth
  • Or be it any ideology that disallows dissent (which ultimately is all ideologies)

are created in Fear.

Such ideologies live in Fear, and fosters Fear. It is of hypocrisy and lies at every turn, which is not surprising as the Enemy is the Prince of Lies. It is of the enemy and must be actively resisted wherever it is found. It must be fought. It must be sent back to the pit and the light of truth must shine on it. One of the primary purposes of this blog is to expose the SJWs  and politically correct commissars of this false ideology at every turn.

— Side note: (SJWs = Social Justice Wankers. Never pervert the language by allowing these vermin to redefine the meaning of words. They are not Social Justice “Warriors”. They are serial mental masturbators, who will indeed kill you, given half a chance, but the title “warrior” never has, and never will, belong to them.)

13. Finally, a Bible passage from Ephasians with a little explanation in modern words.


Therefore, clothe yourself with the armour of God, that you may be able to meet the evil one, and being prepared in every thing, you may stand firm.

Stand therefore, with your loins strengthened with Truth, wear the protective breastplate of righteousness, let your feet be shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace, and with these, take the confidence of the Shield of Faith with which you may be empowered, with strength, to extinguish all the fiery shafts of the evil one; and put on the Helmet of Salvation, and take hold of the Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Pray at all times in the Spirit and in that prayer be watchful in all seasons

Ephasians 6:13 to 6:18


Truth is absolute. At any given point, in any given situation, there is a higher truth that applies to all participants in an objective way. True knowledge of a Loving God underlying creation, and knowing in your very DNA this is true, allows one to face life, including its harshness, very differently. Of course, the perennial doubt is…but is it true…

This passage in Ephesians, is a kind of manual for the recently awakened to the reality of a loving God, who are suddenly shell-shocked into the next bit of reality, which is that there is so much corruption, ignorance and even active evil all around us. Things we used to not even perceive as evil or bad, now assail our senses. And how are we to cope? This passage explains it.

1. Truth is NOT relative. It is absolute. While you may not be able to understand it, or not all of it, you are to try. And you are to hold the line of it. If you have the truth, experiential, objective, physical as well as spiritual truth, then you are far more ready to deal with whatever is being thrown at you or attacking you.

2. The Gospel of Peace is yes the Bible, but also the message of Love that Jesus and God are and give. That is ultimately our aim. To achieve this bliss, both here on Earth as well as in other planes of existence.

3. Faith is an ACTIVE, DOING thing. It is not blind belief in unbelievable things. It is the act of consciously holding a position, idea, loved one, or aim, in loving, conscious thought, while making no overt attempt at reaching out for it in the ways of desire, ego, and material world ways. If you can do this, then truly, you will begin to see the mountain shift and begin moving towards you.

4. The Sword of the Spirit is both your conscience and the application of it. A Loving God necessarily and logically implies the presence and the necessity of Justice. Justice sometimes requires us to use a sword. To defend the weak, ourselves, our loved ones or simply, Justice, Truth, Honour, Love and Peace themselves.

5. Prayer and connecting with God by use of our conscience, mind, heart and soul is how we can best know how to walk our path in and with God.


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