A Blue Knight Rises


It is from fire and destruction that the sharpest swords are forged.

Such was the way in my case. Long, long ago, when the war was already old, a council of the purest realised that in order to gain on the advances of the enemy, it would be useful to have a volunteer become one of them. Go behind enemy lines and live among them, and after having gathered enough information on all of their ways, to return.

Such a mission however would be impossible for anyone of normal soul. They would be lost in so long a journey cut off from God. Only a very few could attempt such a thing. They would have to have two qualities:

They would have to be a Warrior Soul – None but these could attempt such a mission, and,

They would have to be a Twin Flame. Souls that are twins. Perfect balances of the masculine and feminine, usually in two equally intense parts. 

Mine was such a soul. We came before the council of the White Lights and were asked, in reverence and hope, but also absolute freedom, if we could do this mission. And we Two-as-One, Blue-White in our Light, volunteered.

I, the male aspect, would be cast down. Lost to the world below. Cut off from God and Love.

My Twin, the female aspect, would remain beside me, even on Earth, but removed from the ways of the world and even though we met many times in our various lives, as lovers or friends, I did not recognise her for a thousand years. For her task, was to remain as the anchor, the one I would find, when all was lost, and who would reel me back in, with all the lessons I had learnt from the side that fought for Darkness.

And when I did, my human life here on Earth was indeed broken. All was lost.

But all of this was just prelude.

For I now remembered my mission. And though I had forgotten all of the power and glory of the vault of heaven, in time, it is coming back to me. And as it does, my power and energy and light grow. And my duty here begins:

To bring a blinding light, in the times close to the end.

To save and protect those I can, and send to the pit and dissolve into the light those creatures of darkness that rail against us.

On this Earth I have a small daughter.

A Warrior Princess in Exile. Much as I was for over a millennia. As I strive to save her, I also strive to grow my understanding and faith in God, for it is from God that comes whatever power I may have or achieve. And it is my wish, to walk into that narrow, hidden, craggy path, through the fear and alarm, if need be, until, and so that, I may strike a blow of mighty and unending light for my Lord and Saviour.

And so I walk, protected by the Divine, as a previously lost, Golden Armoured,  Blue Knight.


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